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How I can help you embrace your inner sales person,
on your own terms.

There are a lot of business coaches out there. Here's what they don't do...

More often than not, when you invest in a business training or coaching program, you're going to get a script of things to say, that probably aren't relevant to what you're selling, and certainly don't reflect your personality in an authentic way. Is a cookie cutter approach really going to address the fear or anxiety you experience as an entrepreneur?

You don't need a script. What you need is a clearer understanding of the sales process and someone to show you how to make it work for you specifically.

A plan for everyone.

Three simple ways to get started today.

On Demand Coaching

Your dream client calls and you have no idea how to respond. We'll create a customized game plan on what to do step by step to close

Audit of sales language on website, marketing materials or powepoint presentations

Customized presentation for client proposals and grant pitches

Prospecting plan

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One-on-One Coaching

One hour weekly coaching on Zoom

Customized sales consult process you can use to guide you in every future sales conversation

Common language to respond to your most common objections

Mindset tools & techniques to deal with unworthiness, fear of failure, imposter syndrome and more.

Goal setting process

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Small Group Coaching

On site full day or half training with your sales team

Bi-weekly group sales coaching on Zoom (recorded for future reference)

Develop a common sales language and learn effective communication skills.

SWOT competitive analysis

Mindset tools & team goal setting process

45 mins. one on on sales coaching with each member of your team.

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For any questions regarding our pricing plans, let's chat. Book a free 30 minute consult and let's see if we're a good fit.

What problems are you solving?

Find the Solve THE problem

"I felt very supported and would highly recommend anyone considering to work with her"

"Elaine and I worked together on a coaching program. She was responsive and very attentive to my and my colleagues individuals needs. She reached out when necessary and was able to make our program a lot of fun. I felt very supported and would highly recommend anyone considering to work with her - to do so."

~ Nancy Pitman, Mohawk College

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