I Can't Afford It

I can’t afford it

We’ve all said it, even if we didn’t mean it and if you’re in business, odds are you’ve heard it at least a time or two before.


They tend to end a conversation cold.

Most people don’t know what to say when they get them.

No one teaches you that, so how are you supposed to know?

I get excited by them. I know, a little crazy right?

They aren’t so scary when you know how to handle them.

In fact, I see them as “oh good, they are getting ready to buy!”

I’m happy when I get an objection. Honestly, I’d rather know so I can address their concerns. Otherwise, my potential client is going home and talking themselves right out of whatever they were excited about when we met.

Excitement has a halflife. It diminishes quickly.

So I look at objections are an opportunity to continue the conversation.

I believe there are 4 basic types of objections (and 2 mini ones)

  1. Price – this one often sounds like “I can’t afford it” or “it’s too expensive”
  2. Time – this one sound like “I don’t have the time right now.
  3. It won’t work for me – this one can sound just like it’s title or sometimes it’s “Are you sure it will work for everyone?”
  4. I don’t believe you – and finally very few people will express this one outright. It will sound like “Do you have proof? Can you back up what you’re saying? What’s the ROI?”

The other two I’ve encountered are really ones people say to cover up one of the other ones.

  1. I need to check with my spouse, partner, etc.
  2. I need to think about it.

These two are my favourites.

The key to handling any of these is to first take a deep breath and then ask a great question.

Don’t know what to ask? I teach my clients exactly what they need to say when they encounter any objection so that they put their potential client’s worries at ease and sell with natural ease.

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Happy selling!