So, you started a business...

What on Earth were you thinking?
You probably thought, "Hey, I'm great at this one thing, if I put myself out there, I can help a lot of people and make a living doing it!" You took that leap of faith straight into the daring world of entrepreneurship, and maybe it hasn't quite turned out like you had hoped it would have. You probably didn't think much about what it would actually be like to grow a business, or learn how to sell your products, your services, and most importantly yourself. Entrepreneurship is a steep learning curve, and knowing how to sell, makes everything else that much easier.

The thing I do.

If growing your business has you feeling overwhelmed, don't worry, I've got you. I'm Elaine Turcotte, and I help people learn how to sell in a world where everyone hates sales. When I first started out, I was told I didn't have what it took to be successful. I was shy and introverted. I didn't want to be pushy, in-your-face, or manipulative, and people see right through that anyway. I eventually learned that sales doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, shifting your focus from the hard sell, towards building relationships with people, is infinitely more rewarding. I designed my own style of selling that's built on integrity, trust, and authenticity. I can help you learn how to make sales feel natural and effortless.

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Sales is a language that anyone can learn.

"like it or not — we're all in sales."

~ Daniel Pink, To Sell is Human

I can help you learn how to do it without being sales-y.

Work with me.

The fear of having to go back to working for someone else is very real. In order to prevent that from happening, you're going to have to come to terms with having to sell, and that it's really not all that hard. You'll go from worrying about coming across as desperate or dishonest, to feeling right at home in any sales conversation, because you'll know the process, how to handle objections, and exactly what to say. You'll be competent and confident in your abilities and identity as an entrepreneur.

Sales Training

You're on your way to a meeting. You love what you do, so naturally you want everyone else to share in your enthusiasm. You proceed to ramble on about every little detail you have in your arsenal, and before you know it, you've talked yourself right out of a sale. Sales is all about great communication, and that starts with asking the right questions. It's followed closely by, actually listening to people, finding the right problem to solve, and assertively asking for what you want. It ends by knowing when to stop selling.


Uncertainty. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Imposter syndrome. These are all common experiences we face as Entrepreneurs, and it's awfully tough to focus on building a business with one hand tied behind your back. Entrepreneurship is the greatest self development program out there, however, that causes a great deal of conflict in some people. Your mind is trained to keep you safe, but being an entrepreneur means things like stepping outside of your comfort zone, taking risks, and receiving criticism. Success often hinges on having the right mindset.


Workshops offer something that you can't find in a book, a video, or even in a thorough google search; Context. When it comes to sales, learning takes place in the field, and nothing puts that into context, quite like structured collaboration. When you combine knowledge with shared personal experiences, and the intricacies of how others approach a sale, you start to piece together the big picture.


Pretty pictures, a great layout and a fabulous logo will keep people browsing through your site, but it's the copy that tells people why they should buy, and specifically why they should buy from YOU. I help write copy that will demonstrate to your audience that you know their pain and what's in it for them when they work with you. We'll hop on zoom, share a screen and write the sales copy for your website, landing page, social media or online course. 

"Amazing insight around sales, confidence, nerves,
and just being my best self!"

"Elaine is a brilliant human people who can support any professional person in their business or personal life. She has worked with me and provided amazing insight around sales, confidence, nerves and just being my best self. I cannot thank Elaine enough for her work and can't wait to not only continue working with her and referring her as well."

~ Tim Campbell


Learning how to sell, will be the one thing that will exponentially grow your business. All the advertising in the world won't help you convert a sale if you're not speaking the right language, and connecting with your customers in a way that shows that you understand them. All conversions happen inside of conversations, this you'll learn with the right questions to ask in sequence.


Having a common sales language and process that everyone on your small team uses makes mentorship and training streamlined and gives your time back. Group coaching complemented by individualized one on one meetings facilitates tribal learning on the best ways to handle price shopping, overcoming objections and differentiating themselves from the competition and so much more. 


Most companies view product training as sales training. They teach the features and benefits that will helps sell a particular product, but not the essential steps in the sales process, in order to give them a fighting chance at closing a deal. Feature dumping will just cause your prospects to glaze over with boredom. After all, you're not selling a mattress, you're selling a good nights sleep, so you should be trained to do just that.